Why Green Global


30 years experience of Korean Director

<span class='text-2xl font-bold'>30 years</span> experience of Korean Director

8 QA/QC staffs to ensure strict quality control

<span class='text-2xl font-bold'>8 QA/QC staffs</span> to ensure strict quality control

24/7 keen customer service

<span class='text-2xl font-bold'>24/7</span> keen customer service

Competitive price from Vietnam (6~7.5% Import duty advantage)

Competitive price from Vietnam (<span class='text-2xl font-bold'>6~7.5%</span> Import duty advantage)

25 different countries served

<span class='text-2xl font-bold'>25</span> different countries served

2 certificate licenses (ISO & BSCI)

<span class='text-2xl font-bold'>2</span> certificate licenses (ISO & BSCI)